Virtual Coworking Accountability

Work in focused 50 minute sprints with an accountability partner.
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How it works
It's super simple
Join or create a 50 minute work sprint. Two people will start a sprint.
Take one minute and share your sprint goal with your sprint partner.
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Work in silence while you and your sprint partner hold each other accountable.
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Frequently asked questions
Isn't this awkward?
Only in the beginning. But working silently in tandem has proven to be super productive. Give it a try, and we promise you won't be disappointed.
How much does it cost?
It's free. We will offer custom solutions for employers in the future. Pipewing for individuals is and will remain free.
Who is it for?
Pipewing virtual coworking is made for remote working people who want to be more focused and productive. It's made for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees.
Do I need to bring a friend?
No. You don't need to bring a friend to start a virtual coworking session. We will pair you with an accountability partner instantly.
Do I need to keep the video on?
Yes, this is mandatory to ensure accountability. Having an accountability partner on the other side of your screen helps you and your sprint partner focus.
Do we work in silence?
Yes, you work in silence with your camera streaming. After communicating your sprint goal, you might mute your microphone.

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