Digital Nomad in Mexico - Everything You Need to Know

Digital nomads are a growing population in the world, working without geographical constraints. They make their living from the internet and use it as their office, meeting place, and social club.

The idea of being able to work anytime and anywhere is a huge draw for many people who crave this lifestyle. This trend has created an increase in popularity for digital nomad hotspots where there is a healthy mix of culture and conveniences that make it easy to live comfortably while working remotely.

With digital nomads always on the lookout for a new place to live, Mexico is quickly becoming a favorite place for remote work.

It offers an affordable cost-of-living, beautiful beaches, and delicious food! But before you pack your bags, there are some things you need to know about living in Mexico as a remote worker. In this blog post we’ll talk about how you can be successful as a digital nomad in Mexico by looking at some of the pros and cons and locations to look into.

The Pros and Cons: What Should You Consider?

  • Expenses
  • Language
  • Hospitality
  • Cultural Experience and Cuisine
  • Internet Access
  • Scenery
  • Safety
  • Where to Live
  • What Next?


Mexico is great for digital nomads because living costs are typically much lower than you would find in many other countries, like the US or Thailand.

Rent, utility costs, and travel expenses are all very affordable, making it easy to save money and spend less. The convenience of affordable plane tickets and quick flights back to the US is also a draw for many.

However, some luxury items run higher in price in Mexico so keep this mind when buying things such as electronics or clothes, which might be more expensive compared to your previous location due to tariffs on imported goods from abroad into Mexico City’s port system.


When deciding whether Mexico is the right location, consider whether or not speaking the native language will be an issue. Living in Mexico as a digital nomad can be difficult due to the language barrier, but it provides opportunities to expand your skillset and communication with others. Those who live abroad may have trouble communicating without their native language.

However, this is an opportunity for growth - not only personally but professionally! It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a new environment and learn a second language.


The culture of hospitality is something to think about when deciding to move anywhere as a digital nomad. Mexico is a great place to live because of the people, making it relatively easy to meet people and make connection. The locals are very hospitable and kind towards foreigners, making them feel at home when moving somewhere new.

Family values play an important role in Mexican culture, which provides a sense of safety for those who often have trouble feeling welcome elsewhere.

Cultural Experience and Cuisine

As a digital nomad, it is always important to live somewhere that is anything but boring. Living in Mexico means getting a taste of the authentic Mexican culture. You get to experience an exciting lifestyle that is full of rich history and traditions such as vibrant fiestas, colorful art exhibits, and delicious street food like tacos al pastor de trompo and carnitas.

The cuisine in Mexico is one of the best things about living there. Not only does it come with a variety of spices and flavors, but you’ll never get bored because there is always something delicious to try!

Internet Access

Reliable internet is a big factor in whether or not you can work as a digital nomad in Mexico. It is important to take into account the possibility of outages, and to plan accordingly. On top of that, there are security risks involved with using public WiFi and working on unsecured networks where hackers could intercept sensitive data like passwords and credit card information.

Getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is something to consider to circumvent these issues, as it encrypts all traffic from devices before it leaves their servers so no one else but you have access to important files while they’re sitting in cyberspace instead of somewhere out on an open network waiting for someone new to come along and steal them.


When given the option to work online from anywhere in the world, of course the place you live should be beautiful. Thankfully, Mexico is beautiful, boasting gorgeous beaches, mountains, and unique scenery that can make anyone feel like they are on an exotic island! Not only is it fun to live among this beauty, but the climate allows you to enjoy time outdoors without extreme conditions.


One of the most important things to consider while working in Mexico is safety; while there have been reports about corruption, scams, and high crime rates, don’t let that put you off from experiencing this beautiful country for yourself!

There may be a slightly higher risk depending on where you go. However, there’s plenty safe locations to consider, so it is important to find an area that meets your safety needs when looking for a place to live.

Where to Live

With taking into account these factors, there is no shortage of great spots for digital nomads to call home in Mexico but finding the right spot that fits your needs can be tricky if you’re not familiar with this bustling country. Take a look at five of the best spots for digital nomads to live in Mexico.

  • Lake Chapala
  • Tulum
  • Mexico City
  • Oaxaca
  • Ensenada

Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest expat population and has been hailed as one of the best places to live. It offers a variety in climate from subtropical dry forests to more tropical areas where you’ll find palm trees everywhere!

There are also many options when it comes finding housing or renting an apartment for your stay; there are condos, cottages by the lakefronts with views that overlook expansive green landscapes dotted with towering mountains on all sides.


Tulum is an excellent destination for living in Mexico. This beautiful city has many great beaches, and it’s attracting a lot of foreigners. Tulum presents itself as the ideal place to live in both beachy paradise and relaxed culture with its rich ancient history, a great spot for digital nomads seeking a fun and adventurous city to live in.

Mexico City

Mexico City has people from different cultures, food options ranging on the spectrum between traditional Mexican cuisine and foreign-inspired eateries. The cost of living in Mexico City makes it easier for those who want or need to minimize their expenses while still having access to all necessary amenities such as groceries stores, pharmacies, and malls.

With growing acceptance towards working remotely among employers comes an increasing number of expats moving into condos that are marketed specifically towards them with short term rentals available making finding housing easy regardless of if you’re looking at renting or buying property within this vibrant capital.


Oaxaca is another beautiful city with unique charm. This city offers a special blend of Mexican culture that is unlike other parts of the country. It also has lower rent prices and delicious food, making it an appealing place to live for foreigners or digital nomads who are looking to save money while experiencing Mexico’s charm.


Ensenada is a popular city with beautiful scenery, such as beaches and nearby mountains that attract many tourists year-round. It is also known for having excellent internet connectivity, which makes it an ideal location for working from home! It is located on the Baja peninsula of Mexico’s Pacific coast and has an amazing climate year-round with warm days and cool nights.

What Next?

Moving to Mexico as a digital nomad is not an easy decision. There are many pros and cons that you should consider before making your final choice on where to go. One of the biggest factors in deciding which city or area you want to live in will be safety, internet access, environment, and location.

Even with certain factors to be mindful of, Mexico is filled with cultural treasures, beautiful scenery, and hospitable people that make it an incredible place to live and work from.

The process of moving to Mexico as a digital nomad can be intimidating, but thankfully there are many resources available to take advantage of.

Here at Pipewing, you can connect with other digital nomads, making your transition to an unfamiliar place less lonely. It is easy to sign up, and a great tool to connect to a community of like-minded individuals, so be sure to check it out.

After examining the pros and cons and finding the best location for your needs, don’t be afraid to take the leap of faith into a new and exciting way of life as a digital nomad in Mexico.

Author: John Donnelly

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