Laptop Stand For Bed: What You Need to Know Before Buying One

In the digital age, people are constantly moving around. It is now more common than ever to live and work from home or anywhere else in the world with an internet connection.

This is a growing trend today, and this group of people is sometimes referred to as ‘digital nomads’ because they prefer conducting their careers online and not staying in one place for too long.

Digital nomads typically have entirely remote careers, such as freelance journalists, copywriters, marketing managers.

As such, digital nomads require equipment that allows them to work from anywhere remotely. Most digital nomads have access to a laptop or tablet device and a mobile phone. These devices act as the worker’s digital office and allow them to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Yet, there are certain additional products digital nomads can purchase that can make working remotely much more effortless. One of these products is a laptop stand for beds. These make it possible for the user to work from the comfort of their bed.

This blog will explore some of the features and benefits that come with laptop stands for beds. So, if you’re interested in finding out more about these valuable tools, continue reading!

What are laptop stands for beds?

Before we discuss the various features and benefits of laptop stands, it is worth explaining what they are and what they are used for.

A bed laptop stand is essentially a device that acts as a laptop holder for your bed. This means that you can sit upright in your bed with your laptop operating on a miniature desk-like surface.

We will discuss why this might be of particular interest to remote workers and digital nomads in the following sections.

Benefits of laptop stands for beds

If you’re wondering why a laptop or computer stand for a bed might be good, we will outline some of their key benefits in this section.

  • No overheating
  • Comfortable workspace
  • No desk needed

No overheating

One key advantage of investing in a laptop stand for your bed is that it limits the chances of your laptop overheating. Often if we are using our laptops on a fabric surface like a bedsheet, the fan function doesn’t have space to circulate air effectively, causing your computer to overheat and potentially crash.

Purchasing a laptop stand is an effective way to overcome this problem and is something to think about if you are a freelancer.

Comfortable workspace

Arguably one of the most appealing advantages of purchasing a bed laptop stand is that it allows you to work comfortably from your bed (or any bed). This means that you can work from anywhere and can be comfortable and cozy while working!

If you like the sound of working from the comfort of your bed – anywhere in the world you choose – then you can find lots of remote work opportunities posted on our job board for digital nomads, updated regularly.

Similarly, you can also work from the couch or any other comfortable space, as laptop bed stands are highly versatile and portable devices.

No desk needed

Another reason why you might consider purchasing a computer stand for your bed is that it means you do not have to buy a large-size office desk.

This is a great selling point for remote workers and digital nomads as it means you can work without a desk and can therefore be geographically flexible with your working life.

Furthermore, if space is limited in your home – or temporary home – you might feel reassured by the fact that you can free up space as no desk is necessary if you own a laptop bed stand.

Since laptop stands for beds remove the need for a full-size office desk, this means there is no need for workers to work in an office space. This allows digital nomads and remote workers to continue working remotely for as long as they wish, without needing to visit an office!

Who is a laptop stand for beds good for?

The beauty of these products is that just about anyone can make use of a laptop stand for bed. This means that although they might be considered ideal for remote workers or digital nomads, they can also be used by anyone who owns a laptop.

Features of laptop stands for beds to consider

  • Adjustable legs
  • Cupholder
  • Phone or tablet slot
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Other features

Adjustable legs

Many laptop bed stands come with adjustable legs that allow you to change the height of the stand to suit your individual needs. This means you can limit the risk of developing severe neck and back pain from adjusting the height to the correct setting for your height.

This feature is arguably one of the most important for digital nomads and remote workers who often complain of neck and back pain from uncomfortable home-office set-ups.

Some laptop bed stands can also be turned into tall laptop stands, meaning you can work in a standing position if the need arises too.


This feature might seem unnecessary at first, but it can make a huge difference when working remotely. It limits the risk of spillage from the likes of cups of coffee and water, meaning you can enjoy beverages from the comfort of your bedroom office without the added stress of water damaging your laptop.

Phone or tablet slot

Another feature that you can look for in a laptop stand for a bed is a phone slot. This is particularly useful for remote workers as it allows you to store your phone upright and can see calls and messages as they come through.

This feature is perfect for those who need to take business calls regularly.

Similarly, you will also find some laptop bed stands have a tablet slot as an additional feature. This allows you to store your tablet upright at the same time as your laptop, so you can use two screens at once.

Eco-friendly material

Suppose the environmental impact of your purchases is particularly important to you. In that case, you will be pleased to know that you can purchase some laptop bed stands that are made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and wood.

This laptop stand also looks incredibly stylish and modern and will make a great accompaniment to your interior décor.

Other features

Various other features you can look out for from laptop stands for your bed are

  • Cushioning under the laptop tray for extra comfort.
  • Foldable legs.
  • Adjustable angle or tilt positions.
  • Compartments and drawers.

How much should a laptop stand for bed cost?

If at this point, you are considering investing in a laptop stand for your bed, you might be wondering how affordable they are.

The answer to this is that they range in price from very affordable to more on the expensive side. The average price of laptop stands for beds range from around $15 to $90, and you can find many great options on the likes of the Amazon website and Ikea.

Helpful resources

If you are a digital nomad yourself or are considering switching to a digital nomadic lifestyle, we have curated many helpful and informative articles on our blog about how to go about doing so. Our blog contains many hints, tips, and tricks for old and new digital nomads and remote workers alike, so be sure to check it out!

If you’re looking to engage with other remote workers about the best laptop and computer stands to invest in, we suggest getting involved in our virtual coworking space. It connects you with other like-minded people, and you can share your own remote working and freelancing experiences!


Overall, laptop stands make a great affordable addition to your toolbox of remote working tools. This article has outlined some of the many benefits that can be gleaned from opting to invest in a laptop or computer stand for your bed.

For example, we found they prevent your laptop from overheating, they can benefit your posture, they allow you to work comfortably from your bed or a couch anywhere you choose, and they can replace a cumbersome full-size desk.

They also have many useful additional features such as phone/tablet slots and can be height adjustable – making them the perfect addition to your comfortable home-office set-up.

We hope this blog post has been useful in helping you navigate the topic of laptop stands for beds!

Author: John Donnelly

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