What is a coworking session, and how does it help you focus?

In this article, we will discuss coworking sessions and how they can help you focus on a single task.

In fact, coworking sessions are so productive that many people we interviewed say they can’t live without them.

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What is a coworking session?

A coworking session is an opportunity to partake in focused work with support and encouragement from other people online.

It usually incorporates two or more people who work within a pre-determined period to accomplish specific tasks.

A coworking session aims to help you improve focus on work, improve performance, and facilitate accountability.

Coworking sessions are ideal for remote workers such as employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It is easy for people working at home to lose productivity because of a lack of accountability.

A coworking session’s design means you can increase focus when working remotely.

Why is a coworking session important?

Working in a traditional office setting lets you associate closely with others, making you more accountable for your tasks.

Nevertheless, while highly flexible and convenient, remote working does not have an immediate sense of responsibility. You can slip into a comfort zone that reduces productivity and focus on work.

A coworking session can help address this risk by enabling you to focus and be responsible for your tasks. The online working space requires you to work with a partner with your camera streaming.

This step lets you visually keep each other in check, preventing you from abandoning work due to distractions.

Another person’s presence on your screen offers support to help you concentrate and push through to finish a project.

This person becomes your accountability partner who ensures you commit to working on your task within the given period.

Accountability partners

As mentioned previously, virtual coworking sessions generally involve two people, meaning you become accountability partners.

Your sprint partner helps you focus on work, enhancing accountability during the set working time. It is also mandatory to keep your video on since it proves that you each commit to your projects.

Besides, you do not need to bring a friend to commence a coworking session. Beginners may think you only have to share a virtual coworking space with a familiar person.

However, you can find various service providers that offer coworking sessions with an assigned partner.

These sites pair you with a partner instantly to ascertain that you can efficiently begin working at any time. Hence, you do not have to ponder scheduling your working hours around a friend’s availability.

Understanding virtual coworking sessions

A virtual coworking session is an opportunity that lets you virtually connect with other remote workers on a group call. The call lasts for an allocated length of time, during which everyone works on their tasks.

A session generally involves three primary steps once you join one. First, you and your partner communicate what you will work on during the sprint. You can state this verbally on in a chatbox.

Next, you start your timer, and lastly, you mute your microphones and begin working.

You can also find sessions typically split into two sections. This system lets you enjoy a quick 5-minute break in the middle to refresh before carrying on with your tasks.

Upon completing the session, you can share with your partner how you fared.

Here at Pipewing, we offer 50-minute sprints. It starts by creating or joining a work sprint involving two people. Once it starts, you take a minute to share your sprint goal with your virtual partner.

After that, you work in silence while keeping each other accountable. You mute your microphone after communicating your sprint goal, leaving your camera to stream only.

Even though you may find it awkward initially, having a silent partner onscreen facilitates accountability.

Our Pipewing virtual coworking sprints for individuals are also free. This quality enhances convenience for remote workers, helping you be more productive without denting your wallet.

How to prepare for your coworking session

Proper preparation is vital to ensuring you have a productive coworking session. One way to get ready is to leave at least 15 minutes before your session.

This period allows you to have some buffer time if your previous activities last longer than expected.

Another recommendation is to decide what to focus on before creating or joining the session. You can add tags such as “coworking” or “focus” to actions you wish to finish during the session.

These additions let you quickly call upon them when it is time to concentrate.

You also want to ensure your immediate surrounding is conducive to the coworking session. Inform other people present about your session and ask them not to interrupt.

You also want to put your devices in “Do not disturb” mode to prevent non-essential interruptions.

It is wise to turn off notifications because reading and replying to messages can swiftly steal your attention. You can create an autoresponder alerting others about your focus time and inability to respond immediately.

Benefits of coworking sessions

Coworking sessions incorporate various benefits to help improve your working life, even when operating remotely. These advantages enable you to understand virtual coworking better.

They also show why you should consider adopting it into your work life.

Some benefits you can expect when undertaking coworking sessions include:

  • Enhancing your creativity
  • Creating friendships
  • Minimizes loneliness
  • Boosting productivity
  • Offering networking opportunities
  • Working on your business

Enhancing your creativity

Many people remotely working often do not finish their tasks due to lack of time. A virtual coworking session gives you a certain period to focus entirely on work. It helps you increase concentration and creativity.

You can spend all your brainpower creatively addressing a project. The total focus means you can have the time to tap into your creative side. Distractions typically scatter your mind to hinder basic thinking, let alone creativity.

Additionally, you can improve creativity with your daily schedules. For instance, our Pipewing sprints last for 50 minutes, making it comfortable to design your working hours.

You can identify the best time when your brain is fresh and spend the 50-minute session working effectively.

Creating friendships

People associate making online friendships with social media. You may think that only these platforms offer room to meet new friends virtually.

However, coworking sessions are an excellent opportunity to establish and foster new personal relationships.

It is especially possible to meet great friends if you regularly use the sessions since you can encounter recurring partners.

Creating friendships via these sessions also helps eliminate the risk of boredom because you look forward to your working time.

Minimizes loneliness

One of the notable disadvantages of remote working is the lack of companionship from colleagues. This situation can easily lead to loneliness, resulting in a diminished interest in work or poor work quality.

You may also experience other emotional or psychological challenges that may progress to severe conditions if unchecked.

Coworking sessions enable you to carve out specific periods during your schedules to work with others. The online session, albeit mostly silent, lets you communicate and engage with others before and after each period.

You also get comfort and support from the virtual presence of another worker.

Boosting productivity

You can significantly accomplish more tasks with a focused and dedicated working period. A coworking session enables you to obtain such an opportunity, letting you work within a pre-determined period.

Concentration means you can function quickly with accuracy to help you boost productivity.

You prevent distractions from carrying you away or falling for temptations of multitasking. In addition, seeing your partner working can encourage you to persevere through a complex project.

You also want to accomplish your set goals since your partner seeing you online increases your sense of responsibility.

Offering networking opportunities

Coworking sessions can help you expand your network among professionals worldwide. Aside from eliminating loneliness, these sprints allow you to socialize online with your partners.

This engagement can create lasting professional relationships.

You can customize the sessions around your schedules. It allows for further interaction with your partner upon determining reliability and shared interests.

This point is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses.

Working on your business

A virtual coworking session provides a unique opportunity to dedicate some time as a business owner. You can easily spend plenty of time addressing client work, leaving little to no room for business growth.

Hence, these sessions enable you to structure your day to manage client and business needs without neglect.

A coworking session allows you to have available time to step outside your typical day-to-day business elements. This advantage ensures you can customize your programs to have the time and space to enhance creativity.

It also enables you to focus as you work on goals and strategies that best facilitate business development.

A coworking session allows you to foster focus and productivity by showing up during the set period. It offers a simple yet effective working method that lets you find the time to move forward on various projects.

Considering these virtual sessions is essential if you operate remotely and want to complete tasks without distractions or procrastination.

Author: John Donnelly

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