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Great products are hidden under a large amount of junk. At Picker empower the better products, brands and shoppers. Picker is a marketplace where Pickers share their favorite products and users buy them!

Buy better not more


We're a small, diverse team located in Barcelona, Spain working with many different tools to bring the social commerce experience of Picker to our native Android, iOS and Web App. We practice trunk-based development, use CI/CD, write tests, use source control and use JIRA for managing our Dev Scrumban process! This means we have a long term vision of where we're going, but iteratively develop this with impromptu planning sessions, estimations and review + retros. Our tech stack is:

  • Serverless and powered by AWS (Lambdas, S3, RDS)
  • GraphQL focussed! We are big into GraphQL and have been for 2 years now.
  • We merge data from different DB sources (MySQL, Elastic and Mongo)
  • We prefer to use services instead of reinventing the wheel! (Stream + Algolia, for example)
  • We use CI/CD constantly. Github connects to Bitrise which does internal and external deployments


You're a motivated Software Developer. You're motivated by a desire to code and learn. Our opportunity is getting to work on a growing mobile application on a brand new, fresh API with kickass design components. We're about to run a lot of experiments in our product and you will spearhead this from the iOS perspective!

We're looking for people who:

  • are fluent in Swift as well as English!
  • have professional experience working with GraphQL.
  • have 5+ years professional experience as a pure iOS developer
  • have excellent knowledge of design patterns: SOLID, DI, Coordinator, Repository, MVC/MVVM
  • are very experienced at handling multi-threading with GCD
  • eat, sleep and breathe all things Apple. You're the person who asks everyone if they watched WWDC and follow macrumors!

It would be nice if you:

  • have professional experience working with cloud based services (preferably on AWS) - e.g. Cloud Functions (Lambda), Serverless Deployments (either Serverless framework or Cloudformation).
  • have an interesting story to tell: We're a diverse company, we employ people of all ages, genders and walks of life because that's what Picker is all about: everyone brings their own background, hobbies and expertise to the table. That's how you find brand new things that you previously knew nothing about!
  • are a contributor to a known library! We love seeing peoples' githubs!

What we offer:

  • Work from a cool office in Poblenou, Barcelona. If you're not near us, we'll see to it that you fly out once a year to meet the team and work together with us. We have the best coffee in Barcelona, guaranteed.
  • Early finish Fridays: we knock off an celebrate wins of the week at around 3pm each Friday. So if you're with us in the office or Zooming in from Ukraine, Turkey or Argentina make sure you have your beer ready.
  • Flexible working hours: overlapping on main meetings is important, but you get to choose when you work.

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